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    1.Read it only for Marriage or for making genuine romance in anyone like for spouse/wife/guardians/kin and for genuine wishes


    Keeping the Halal Food dependably.


    During the Amal/wazaif you should need to comply with every single Islamic Rule i.e.

    5 Times supplications.
    Talking truth, tune in and obey guardians/instructors/senior citizens, don’t hurt any one and so forth…

    4 .

    You should need to get authorization of this technique.

    In the event that the Lover or dearest one is influenced by Magic, Genie (Jinnat) impacts so you should need to cure about it.
    In the event that you Pray 2 rakat day by day of Salat o Toba so better in any event you implore first time when you begin the amal/ wazaif.
    Read Before and after 3 Times Darood Shareef
    Amid the amal you need to focus about your adored one or about your coveted wish and toward the finish of wazaif say his/her name with mother name and alongside yours additionally with mother name and after that blow with fixation/as a top priority (through creative energy) on him/her
    Begin amal from Thursday
    Try not to educate about your amal to any one.

    Further more, don’t be blur up.
    Before beginning amal better on the off chance that you give/do Some Sadqa (as much u can manage the cost of effortlessly) to give sustenance even one penniless/hungry individual.

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