Bay Area Diabetic Foot Care Clinic in San Francisco, CA

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    The loss of feeling in your feet means that the only effective way to ensure your feet are healthy is to check on them regularly.

    Examine your feet in the morning, before bed, and after any athletic or strenuous activities.

    Look for cuts, bruises, abrasions, lumps, swelling, rough patches, discoloration, and any other indicator of damage.

    Check your socks and shoes for any sign of blood or other seepage.

    If you see something that might be cause for concern, give us a call here at Bay Area Foot Care - San Francisco right away.

    Don’t wait to see if the problem goes away on its own—a little alarmism is better than allowing a problem to have time to grow worse.

    Call Us at 415-292-0638 for more information about diabetic foot care clinic or visit our website.

    Address:- 2299 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA

    Phone:- 415-292-0638

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