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    The word ‘Wazaif’ means the repetition of words, clauses, and sentences i.e., Names of Allah, Names of Beloved Prophet( Peace be upon Him), or other notions which were performed by Aulia Allah.

    These wazaif have powerful capability to transform one’s self, circumstances, or even chemistry of the things.

    Some Wazaif are extremely strong and requires you to properly ground the ‘current’, therefore you must be part of some Silsila (which shall act as a grounding system) and have proper permission to perform these special Wazaif, otherwise the results could be dangreous.

    In case one has performed them without permission, should immediately start Darood Shareef and stop all other wazaif.

    Darood Shareef acts like first aid in grounding the excessive charge created by strong wazaif.

    Wazifa to Solve Domastic Issue (Ghrailo Nachaqi)

    Wazifa to get success in exam(Imtehan main Kameyabi)

    Wazifa for Merraige(Kameyab Shadi)

    Wazifa for success in Life(Zindgi main Kamyabi)

    Asmye Husnah ka wird bout ba-barket aur mufeed amel hi..

    ALLAH talah ny hamian asmaye husnah k zareye dua mangny ka hukam farmya hi.

    Mukhtalif maslon ke liye mukhtalif wazaif moojod hain.

    meesal k tour pey ghralo nachaki, kameyab zindgi aur imtehan main kameyabi.

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