"Losing Karey Wong" - Drug Prevention - About her Ex-Boyfriend, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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    Manuel Mérida (2017).

    Rob Matthies is an inventor, environment educator, edu-tainer, magician and entrepreneur who lives, works and helps create a better world in #Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    As an edu-tainer and magician, he was once referred to as the #BestManInTheWorld by one well-satisfied parent, while another one described his job as the #HappiestJobInTheWorld.

    He works at events in the City of North Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland, and among the services he provides we can find the Robin Hood Balloon Archery, solar-powered robot racing, balloon twisting, face painting, magic shows, interactive puppet shows, entertainment mascots and costumed characters, and many, many more.

    As an #inventor, Matthies’ most popular invention is his white, 1984 GMC pick-up truck, that has been electric-powered for 14 years, and is the world’s first dead battery-powered vehicle.

    As a reporter put it once, Matthies may have created the vehicle of the future.

    He, the #discoverer of a method for restoring dead batteries, hopes this way we can prevent millions of batteries of reaching the landfills, improving our environment.

    This #experimenter has also brought to us a scooter that runs on tap water, a solar-powered toaster, a solar-powered air conditioner hat, solar-power support for the GameBoy game console, people-calming lights, an electric motorbike, and many more inventions.

    According to him, the answers we sought should be simple.

    Inventions surge as the need to solve particular problems, but become of practical use to the people and to the planet.

    Today, Rob is a member of the Vancouver Amateur Inventors and the Gadgeteers hobby group.

    He is considered, by some, to be the #ModernDayThomasEdison.

    But not all his invention work is technical, for he also promotes eco-friendly, #PublicGood activities, such as his Renewable Energy Edu-Tainment, tree-saving activities, battery-exchange events, fundraisers for the homeless, and electric bike shows because of which he is considered to be a precursor of the e-bike mania.

    Matthies is also the founder of Solar Powered Roadshow, home of solar-powered appliances and educative activities for kids from ages 4 to 104, such as reviving non-rechargeable batteries, building solar cars and wind turbines, solar car races, sustainable energy magic shows, solar-powered dragon boat races, and solar-powered kinetic art.

    Following the forceful and drug-induced disappearance and marriage of Rob’s ex-girlfriend Karey Wong, he founded #LosingKareyWong, a project to create awareness about human trafficking and modern-times slavery, and to help prevent such incidents from happening again.

    In 2011, Rob was nominated to the Richmond Arts Award and, in 2017, he was awarded the Living City Award for Environmental Sustainability by the City of North Vancouver.

    He has also been publicly endorsed by members of Parliament Joyce Murray and Bill Siksay, and the cities of North Vancouver and Port Moody.

    Previously, Matthies has been funded by TD Friends of the Environment, the City of Surrey, Chevron, Streamkeep, the Rotary Club of North Vancouver, and Lions International.

    “There are many things we're told are impossible until we try them”
    -Rob Matthies

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