Curio sities of Júpiter

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    Curio sities of Júpiter
    1. Jupiter is the first planet formed in the Solar system.

    It works as its vacuum cleaner, And probably without him we wouldn´t exist.
    2. Jupiter has more than 60 moons.

    The main ones are (Io) the multicolor moon.

    It has 400 active volcanoes.

    (Europa) a frozen world under which the presence of liquid water oceans and even the presence of life might be possible.

    (Callisto) the body with the most impact craters in the entire solar system.

    (Ganymede) the largest moon of the Jupiter and the entire Solar system.

    These 4 moons were discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610.

    So they are called Galilean satellites.

    3. Jupiter is a gas planet.

    Its clouds form a thin layer of only 50 km thick.

    Below them there is a practically only hydrogen 81% and helium 17% although there is also water 0.1%.

    4. The great red spot is a storm.

    It seems small compared to Jupiter but it is larger than earth.

    It was formed about 350 years ago.

    And has shown no sign that it will disappear.
    5. Jupiter takes 12 earth years to orbit the sun.
    6. Jupiter rotates faster than any other planet in the solar system.

    A day on Jupiter lasts only 9 hours and 55 minutes.
    7. Jupiter has rings.

    4 around its equator.

    But they are really thin and we can´t see them.
    8. The volume of Jupiter is equivalent to 1317 earths.

    Its weight is only 318 times higher.

    It means 318 earths = 1 Jupiter.
    9. The only probe that has traversed Jupiter´s atmosphere was Galileo.

    It took 6 years to arrive and it only survived 59 minutes.

    They were enough to gather the desired information.
    10. For its size, it is believed that Jupiter is a failed star.

    Its composition is similar to the composition of stars.

    If it had been 80 times larger, it would have become a star.

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