Watch Asad Umar’s analysis over Pakistan and Indian relations

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    Asad Umar appeared in the program of Dr Danish last night and had a detailed discussion about the relations of India and Pakistan.

    He also expressed his views about the speech of Nawaz Sharif at United Nations.

    In this specific clip he was talking about the relations between India and Pakistan.He was saying that Pakistan is a peace loving country.

    Pakistan wants friendly relationships with India as well but India always takes this gesture as a weakness of Pakistan.

    And they keep on blaming Pakistan after every terrorist activity against India.

    He further stated that Pakistan can not live under Indian pressure just because India is having a larger Army or a greater economy than Pakistan.
    Asad Umar also shares a story about his visit to Kashmir.

    He tells that when he visited to Kashmir,a few guys spotted them as Pakistanis and came for a hand shake.

    After the handshake ,the boy started talking to Asad Umar and he openly said that Pakistan has accepted its defeat on Kashmir issue in front of India but we have 70,000 martyrs and we will never bow down in front of India.

    They kept on talking and said India is having 700,000 soldiers in Kashmir.

    We will not back off even if India increases the quantity to even 1400000 soldiers.
    Asad Umar concludes his talk by saying that the Kashmiri boy said that India can not push down the voices of Kashmiri People.

    They will not stop fighting for their freedom.

    No matter what India is going to do with them.This is now impossible for them to back off from their struggle because they have suffered a lot and Indian Army has been oppressing us for seven decades.

    We have lost more than seventy thousand lives.We are not going to let those sacrifices go in waste.

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